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MT Technoline is a dynamic organization operating in Cyprus as a leading mobile phone importer and distributor. The company supplies dealers and retail shops with mobile phones, accessories, electronics, multimedia and other related products.

The management of the company has been involved in the mobile phone sales and distribution for the past 12 years. Great experience, know-how, reliability and trustworthiness are crucial in the business sector the company is part of.

The head office is located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and there is also a branch in Limassol. Currently, the company supplies products to various types of customers, including shop chains and small retail shops owned by private entrepreneurs.  

As from June 2008, MT Technoline Ltd has been acting as the exclusive promoter of HTC products in the national market. This new partnership has expanded the company’s growth, as HTC Smart Phones have been rapidly gaining market share over the last few years.

For the last few years MT Technoline has been a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company maintains a very strong relationship with the two GSM operators in the island: CYTA-Vodafone and MTN. In addition, MT Technoline has formed strong business relationships with international organizations, enabling the company to expand in the area of exports.